Attune / Sonja Vlaar provides individual and group coaching supervision for external and internal coaches, HR professionals, and Learning & Development practitioners who support leaders and teams to optimize high performance.

What is coaching supervision?

Coaching supervision is NOT coaching the coach!

Coaching supervision is:

  • reflective practice for learning and development. In partnership with a supervisor, coaches examine their coaching work within evolving systems, focusing on patterns, thinking models, and relationship dynamics.
  • the formal process of professional support, which ensures continuing development of the coach and effectiveness of his/her coaching practice, through interactive reflection, interpretative evaluation, and the sharing of expertise with the coaching supervisor.
  • the process by which a coach, with the help of the supervisor who is not directly working with the client, can attend to understanding both the client-system and themselves as part of the client-coach system, and transform their work.

Supervision benefits the coach, their clients, and their organizations and serves as a cornerstone for the integrity and quality of coaching through:

  • Development of the coach through skill-building and increased awareness and understanding of how they react to the dynamics of client interventions
  • Support for the emotional well-being of the coach as they interact with their clients and the client-system affected by the changes of COVID and the VUCA environment
  • Attention to sustaining a professional caliber of services offered by the coach, including adherence to the Global Code of Ethics.

The value of Coaching Supervision

  • Provide a safe space for coaches to reflect on their work for deepening insight and learning.
  • Increase self-awareness and the ability to notice patterns, blind spots, biases, self-limiting mindsets.
  • Deepen insight into the client’s passion and struggles. Foster the capacity to track, and be with, what is most important in every moment.
  • Foster the ability to focus attention and more closely connect, emotionally and intellectually, with the leaders and the systems in which they work.
  • Embody and anchor the learnings to increase resilience and high-performance readiness of the coach
    Expand the capacity for experimentation with alternative coaching approaches by leveraging intuition and imagination to developed collaborative solutions with clients.
  • Develop coaches’ trust in themselves and their capacity to be both courageous and vulnerable. Enhance ability to handle uncertainties and work through challenging client situations.

Do you need a coaching supervisor?


  • Sonja is LVSC certified supervisor. Credential Identifier: ID S11329H since 2003 and renewed every 5 years in 2008, 2013, and 2018 (expiring 2023). LVSC is a member of the European umbrella organization ANSE
  • Since 2019 she is a member of the Global Supervisor’s Network (GSN). The members include supervisors working in countries such as India, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam, Oman, and Turkey, as well as throughout Europe such as Spain, Poland, Portugal, France, Finland, Hungary, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, and the UK. The GSN community has been founded by Eve Turner and brings together some of the leading thinkers in the field. To date, there have been 140+ webinars.