No distance is too far for our professional coaching. Attune is familiar with online communication in different cultures and virtual facilitation of conversations and sessions.

We apply the ICF definition of Coaching: “Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”.

Our 1: 1 coaching is based on the integration of 4 innovative frameworks, ORSC, C-IQ, Narrative Coaching, and Neurozone.

Sonja and her team combine tools which are derived from these frameworks with other skills for learning & growth, performance management, behavioral training, management skills, and entrepreneurial skills.

The focus of 1:1 coaching is on optimizing wellbeing, creating resilience, learning and development, making important choices for life or career, managing internal or external conflict or enhancing performance.

Individual coaching is often combined with a diagnostic assessment at the beginning and at the end of the coaching.

4 innovative frameworks:

1. ORSC®

ORSC stands for Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching: an integrated coaching model based on Relationship Systems Intelligence™.

This approach goes beyond Emotional Intelligence (relationship with oneself) and Social Intelligence (relationship with others). It is the realm of Relationship Systems Intelligence where one’s focus shifts to the relationship with the group, team or system. The systems- approach creates sustainable and resilient teams and organizations.

The framework has been developed by the Center of Right Relationships, CRRGlobal. I certified in ORSC in 2011 with the first cohort. I am a member of the community of ORSC coaches. From 2017 -2020 I was a board member of the Dutch Community of ORSC professionals.

2. C-IQ®

Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) is the hardwired and learnable ability to connect, navigate, and grow – a necessity in building healthier and more resilient organizations and communities in the face of change. It begins with elevating the level of Trust that you create with others – and ends with the quality of interactions and conversations that result. There is no more powerful skill hardwired into every human being than the wisdom of conversations!

I certified as a Conversational Intelligence Coach in January 2017 at the We-Institute (in collaboration with WBECS) with the first cohort.

Since 2016 I am an active member of the C-IQ European Collective. This is a group of certified C-IQ coaches working together online on a regular basis and coming together for a yearly Master Mind Event (in 2017 in Bavaria Germany, in 2018 in Sweden, in September 2021 – as we hope – in Scotland).

In 2020 14 C-IQ certified authors wrote a book together: Changing Conversations for a Changing World. My contribution to this book is in the chapter about “co-creation” and I wrote the chapter “inclusion and the brain”

3. Narrative Coaching®

Narratives are stories. Stories are central to what makes us human. They provide one of the fastest ways to understand how people see themselves and their world.

Narrative Coaching is an evidence-based methodology developed by Dr. David Drake. It stands out in a number of ways:  It enables people to develop themselves in real-time and achieve real results for the future without a dependency on goals.  It draws from the broader social sciences, not just psychology but also contemporary fields like design thinking to provide a truly systemic approach to behavior change. It is a highly experiential process that mirrors how people change.

I certified as Enhanced Practitioner Narrative Coaching in 2018.

4. NeuroZone®

The goal of my neuro-coaching approach is to prevent burnout, build resilience and unlock high performance.

The Neurozone® Solution links specific and identifiable neuroscience markers to the human competencies most needed by individuals and organizations for sustained high performance. These include burnout avoidance, building resilience, leadership enhancement, and increased learning and innovation capacity.

I certified with Neurozone in 2020 with the first cohort and I am an active member of the community of professional Neurozone coaches.