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Essentials That Touch the Heart

At Attune we help prevent burnout, build resilience, unlock the potential of employees and teams and increase well-being and performance capacity. With insights and applications from professional coaching and neuroscience, we contribute to better communication, resilience and collaboration, at home and at work.

Attune is English for "tuning in". The Attune logo has two tuning forks that form a heart in the middle, symbolizing connection, positive interaction, trust, security and connection ❤ essentials that touch the heart.

We integrate professional coaching with insights from positive psychology, the neuroscience and work holistically and integrally with the brain and body systems. With the online Neurozone® analyzes we measure the initial situation and the progress in building resilience and capacity.

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For entrepreneurial professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, leaders, teams and organizations

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Our Book (2020)

“Changing Conversations for a Changing World” (2020) is written by C-IQ certified authors. My chapters are about co-creation and inclusion.

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Conversations with Impact

When was the last time you had a really good conversation? A conversation that does not just consist of two linked monologues. In that good conversation you hear yourself saying things you didn't know before, you hear how the words the other person says resonate in you. Words you thought you had lost and words that make the conversation so lively that the two of you reach a different wavelength together. In your experience, that good conversation from then still has an impact today.

Our approach

Attune supports

  • individual executives, team leaders and professionals
  • team / cooperative relationships
  • organizations.

We use tools and methodologies from:

  • Coaching Supervision
  • Organizational and Relationship System Coaching® (ORSCC)
  • Neurozone®
  • Focusing® and Mindfulness
  • Team Coaching International®
  • Narrative Coaching®
  • Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ)
  • Whole Brain®





Guidance is synchronous, synchronous or blended; remote, online and/or physically at the office; individually, in groups and teams.

We are experienced in facilitating with technical tools for online guidance in webinars and sessions.



    • Executive Coaching
    • Individual Coaching
    • Team coaching
    • Coaching Supervision
    • Pathways for change, transition and transformation
    • Workshops (stand alone or as part of a broader program)
    • Individual coaching with the Neurozone® High Performance app
    • Team coaching based on the Neurozone® High Performance Team report
    • Advice for individual, team and organization



Professional circles:

    • Since 2021: certified Neurozone Coach
    • Since 2019: member Global Supervisors' Network
    • Since 2015: Facilitator of Intermediate Mastery (IM) Sessions and Round Tables of World Business & Executive Coaching Summit (WBECS)
    • Since 2002: registered member of the Dutch Professional Organization for Supervisors (LVSC).
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November 10th, 2021|

Our brain-body system is in direct connection with all kinds of stimuli from the environment, such as light and dark. We work, live and sleep and the exposure to light and dark changes by the hour. [...]

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"The coaching sessions with Sonja are action-oriented. I developed new habits to better understand myself. I left every session having learned something new, whether it was about myself or a new technique to reflect or to use in reflection. I would recommend Sonja as a coach to anyone who is interested in growing as a leader. Her coaching allowed me to improve my way of showing up every day and in crucial situations, so I could make better choices. I cannot thank her enough for her coaching over the past 6 months - it was always the highlight of my week ”  -  Signed: Maria Selde, M&E Consultant. guide house (from December 2020) and M&E Officer @Search for Common Ground (May-Nov 2020) -

February 2021: Sonja's age is a plus because she understands what is going on with senior managers with personal questions in their work. I gained insight into how an important core value has a positive but also negative effect. Sonja acts on what is happening in the moment. Ze substantiates this with reference to theory, her experience and practical exercises. It was an eye opener that I can influence my brain in simple ways and that it also makes me feel different. I can still go back to the Neurozone report that gave me new insights and has brought useful tips. - Mabel Bross, Manager Youth Protection Brabant -

“The coaching solidified me as a leader to deal with managerial issues, coping with difficult circumstances and getting the best from my team. My ability to confidently lead the conversations with my superiors and colleagues increased significantly. I learned to review issues form various angles. I transformed to be calmer in resolving problems and looking for alternative approaches. There has been no session which I left without learning and with fun! Not tiring at all. ” - Prudence Masako, EngenderHealth Tanzania