De basic principles from Attune are expressed with the acronym ATTUNE (source: The Science of Trust, John M. Gottman, 2011):

    • Aweness
    • TUrning towards the relationship
    • Ttolerance
    • UUnderstanding
    • Non defense listening
    • Empathy

(in Dutch: Consciousness, Focused on the Relationship, Tolerance, Nnon-defensive listening and Empathy).

Fundamental principles for the coaching of Attune:

  1. Listening to connection and sharing information
  2. Serving a common purpose
  3. Methods and tools for the integration of body, growth mindset and brain
  4. Supportive and secure digital technology
  5. Tailoring behavior to individual and team needs
  6. Valuing diversity and being consciously inclusive
  7. Positive feedback and sharing success
  8. Aimed at well-being where the body and people are ready to excel
  9. Encouraging a “growth mindset”
  10. Creating trust (in self and in working relationships with others).

We create based on these principles Conversations with Impact.

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