You can investigate the conversation dynamics in an important relationship for you using the online C-IQ Catalyst questionnaire. In the feedback conversation of your results you will gain insight into how the cortisol and oxytocin balance in your body influences your interaction in a specific relationship. The C-IQ Self-Catalyst questionnaire may only be used by certified C-IQ coaches.

Click here for information about the Catalyst tool of the We Institute.

You can request the Self Catalyst by a send email to Attune

To answer the questions you always have one specific and the same relationship in mind and answer all questions regarding the dynamics of your conversations with that person.

Added value

Your answers provide insight into the interaction that you create and with which you - intentionally or unintentionally - exert influence on the relationship. The patterns of involvement and interaction with the other person are examined at a deeper level.

The report

A bar graph shows what your behavior is that you show in conversations and how this influences the level of cortisol and oxytocin in your body. The bar chart thus makes 'the invisible visible'.

From weeks after completing the questionnaire of the CreatingWe Institute, we discuss the results in an 1: 1 session. This can be done face to face or online.