Using the Neurozone® app I support individuals to prevent burnout, increase resilience and unlock the capacity for high performance. Neurozone® provides a reliable scientific basis to get the best out of yourself.


The COVID crisis has had a major impact on our work and lives. More and more people suffer from stress. Everyone has been looking for new ways to be able to relax, because the old ways no longer worked or were no longer possible. Self-management is more important than ever.

Insights from the sciences of neurobiology, neuroimmunity and neurochemistry bring new solutions to prevent burnout and to deal more effectively with stress, and to rebuild resilience and capabilities.

Insights about well-being and stress, which we already knew and sensed intuitively, can now be substantiated from neuroscience. In times of crisis, this provides guidance and concrete handles so that we can deal with stress more effectively.

It's great that more and more bridges are being built between neuroscience, stress and resilience, but there's also an increase in neuro-nonsense. And where can you find good scientifically substantiated tips and useful information for yourself, your team and your organization?

I have been integrating insights from neuroscience since 2010. I am certified as a Conversational Intelligence Coach, Neurozone Coach, Whole Brain Professional and I am a member of the NeuroScience School. I am also connected to various international networks where insights and applications from neuroscience are discussed and further developed.

Individual analysis

The online Neurozone® analysis maps out the state of the balance between your brain and your body and what that means for all kinds of aspects in your life and work. Neurozone® generates you from the online questionnaire. The report gives you many insights, which you can consult anytime and anywhere in the Neurozone® app.

The reporting in the app provides insight into your current capacity to consistently get the best out of yourself in all aspects of your life. Based on the recommendations, we map out a simple but impactful route for your coaching journey together.

The Neurozone® analysis maps all kinds of parameters, such as your personal score for the “High Performance Index”, your score for resilience, cognitive empathy, affective empathy, the confidence you place in your personal life, your innovation capacity, and much more.

The Neurozone® models and reports provide insight into the unique brain balances and how these influence your stress reactions and resilience. The online self-diagnosis is used to find out what your optimal starting points are to get back into a relaxed state. You will also receive many tips for optimizing your brain-body and energy balances.

The neuro-approach is indispensable provides a new and substantiated cognition and strategy for sustainable high performance, as well as a valuable addition to the conventional analysis of talents and competencies.

The app can be ordered via Attune and is a permanent part of an individual coaching process at Attune.

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