Talents, Drivers and Competencies

Talent development is not a straight line. There are bumps and obstacles on your path. Do you have one of the questions below?

  • What is the difference between acquired and natural competences

  • Which competences can I best develop?

  • What is the added value of my talent?

  • How can I distinguish myself from others?

  • How do I name my talents and competences?

I help you identify your talents and develop your competencies. Read my article here about the difference between skills, talents and competences.

You get an objective picture of your motivations, talents and competencies and of your employability. You will also gain insight into your career choices, interests and capacities such as numeracy, checking, logical figurative insight, numerical insight, logical language insight and technical insight).

The diagnosis is used for recruitment & selection, coaching, career guidance and personal development.

We match your talents with competencies, for example to see if you can lead a team, whether you have sufficient qualities to start your own company, etc. Your results are explained orally in a feedback interview.

The written report provides information about your talents, qualities and pitfalls, the method of communication, your learning style and the working environment that suits you. Based on the analysis of 22 Drivers and 44 talents you will gain insight into the developability of competencies. We also apply this to teams that speak different languages.


You know your unique individual motivations and talents, what your personal added value is and what the starting points are for further development.

Attune uses the TMA Method  to identify talents and competences. Sonja Vlaar is licensed TMA Trainer / Assessor and coach / advisor for the TMA Method.