Team diagnosis starts with the image that you, as a team leader, have of your team. Instead of time-consuming conversations and interviews, Team Leader View can significantly speed up team diagnosis.

Team Leader View is a powerful tool developed by Team Coaching International (TCI) for determining characteristics for high-performing, sustainable and inspired teams. Click here for more information Team Leader View

We use Team Leader View for more positivity and productivity in teams. It provides quick and focused insight into your team and where the starting points for team development lie.

Diagnosis of the team as a whole

Team Leader View is based on the team as a relationship system. Team characteristics are measured around the productivity and positivity of the team:

A total of 14 important characteristics of your team are mapped. The characteristics are divided into 7 performance indicators for productivity (ratio, teams exist to achieve results, result-oriented leadership) and 7 performance indicators for positivity (emotion, teams consist of people, connecting leadership).

The scores provide an indication for team development. For example, if the score for the "appreciation of mutual differences" is low, the team could opt for an intervention such as the development of listening skills.


You have a pronounced perception and (zero) measurement of your team. You go beyond the individual competencies and immediately start with the performance of the team as a whole. This way you speed up team development considerably

Want to know more?

Read more in the scientific article Diagnostic instruments for team counseling (2013), in the Tijdschrift voor Begeleidingskunde. In it, two different starting points for the diagnosis of teams are discussed, and with that your choice for measuring team characteristics. Download the brochure here TLV cobranded_Sonja Vlaar.