Team power is the ability to target individual and team talents and to work together based on the same language, trust and common goal. Powerful teams achieve faster, are more agile and successful. Team power gives individual talents a boost: it is the fuel that makes it possible for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results.

For the analysis of it team as a whole among other things, we use Team Coaching International Team Diagnosis. This provides starting points for increasing the productivity and positivity of the team. Read more about Team Diagnosis here.

A team is for example a project team, a department of an organization, a cross-functional team, a scum team, a joint venture or a self-managing team etc.

Organizations depend on the results of teams. Unfortunately, in practice, no 10% of all teams function effectively yet.

Common situations:
  • Team members do not indicate where the cooperation is arranged

  • There is no coherence and no co-creation.

  • Team members function as loose sand instead of a whole

  • Team members are annoyed, there is a negative atmosphere or conflicts

Team Leader and TeamKracht can be deployed separately or in conjunction