Your brain's thinking preferences largely control your communication. These thinking preferences influence your actions, the way you solve problems and your creativity

Thinking with your whole brain (Whole Brain) is a concept that maps your thinking style using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator (HBDI®) assessment.

The analysis provides insight into your preference for the left or right hemisphere of the brain in combination with your preference for the cortical or limbic functions. The functions of the left hemisphere of your brain are focused on analysis, factual observation and logical sequential thinking, while the right hemisphere is functional for, among other things, the imagination and intuitive experience.

This division into left and right hemispheres, and into cortical and limbic we use as a metaphor.

In reality, brain functions are much more complex. The functions mentioned by the HBDI cannot be attributed to a specific region of the brain. Nevertheless, it is (still) a good model for a first exploration of how the brain works.

The individual and / or team analysis is conducted with an online questionnaire. Make an appointment with Sonja Vlaar for the analysis. She has been HBDI certified since 2016 and can request this analysis and use the results in a coaching process.

The HBDI® assessment evaluates and describes the degree of preferences of individuals and / or teams for thinking styles, decision-making, learning, problem-solving and innovation. You learn how to communicate with people with the same thinking style and with people with different thinking styles. Once you understand your own preferences, you open the door to improving your team collaboration, leadership, customer relationships, creativity, problem solving, and other aspects of your personal and interpersonal development.