“If you want to walk fast, walk alone; If you want to walk far, walk together ”(Xhosa wisdom)

Strong relationships are the foundation for any successful change. Teams only change by doing. Team coaching ensures that team members know what they are going to do so that the desired change is implemented faster and more effectively.

The duration of a team trajectory with Attune is at least 3 months and ideally 6 months.

  • if the team is stuck in the collaboration

  • at the start of a new change process or new team

  • by changing the context, which means the team has to start working differently.


Growth of mutual trust, positive appreciation of team members and more effective collaboration.

Our approach

Prior to the first workshop, we collect data using an online Neurozone team analysis. Each team member completes the online questionnaire. We use the answers to analyze team functioning. A team report is generated based on this data.

We start the process with a half-day kick-off workshop with the whole team. Then we discuss the initial situation as well as the results of the team diagnosis.

At the end of the kick-off workshop there is a roadmap for team development for 3 or 6 months, with action points and clear responsibilities at both individual and team level. In the follow-up sessions, we provide the team with tools and techniques for developing the skills and mindset that the team needs to bring the desired change into practice.

Under team Intelligence we understand: the sum of IQ + EQ + SQ + RSI.

  • IQ Cognitive intelligence, rational understanding

  • EQ Emotional Intelligence, personal attitudes and feelings and those of others and their influence on behaviour

  • SQ Social intelligence, the relationship with teammates and others

  • RSI Relationship System Intelligence through which creative energy is created through co-creation

Duration of the team trajectory
  • After the kick-off workshop, there are bi-weekly shorter follow-up sessions during the 3 or 6 months with the whole team (2 to 3 hours per session) in which we discuss progress and realign.

  • After 6 months, the online team analysis is taken again, so that progress and results can be measured.

Interested? Please contact Sonja Vlaar for a customized process.