At our monthly "case unpacking sessions" from Neurozone® Advanced Coaches I presented a case. These sessions are fun and educational; they resemble what we have in the Netherlands #Intervision but are less tightly structured.
An important point of interest that we see again and again is expressed with this powerful quote from Victor Frankl:

“There is a space between stimulus and response. In that space lies our power to choose what our response is. Our growth and freedom are implicit in our response.”

Perhaps you are now wondering what that space is between stimulus and response?
At least there is our own natural and biological brain-body system!
It is increasingly noticeable that #biology is not seen as an important and determining variable between stimulus and response within current professional coaching and leadership training. “Response” is often understood as “Response”; but there is a world of difference between them, a biological world that makes us human.
In mainstream coaching, the #neurophysiologicalstate of a client's brain-body system has been marginalized, let alone measured, as an important determinant and changing variable for the success of coaching interventions.
Neuro-coaches take the physiological state of the #brain body system of the client explicitly participate in their coaching. They use coaching interventions that regulate the autonomic nervous system up and down, for example with certain music, mindfulness exercises or change of context. read here more about the brain-body system