neurozone developed a Behavioral Code for High Performance to provide organizations with invaluable insights into how the underlying drivers of human performance affect key business outcomes. Attune applies the products and tools to prevent burnout, build resilience and unlock high performance in individuals, teams and organizations.

Neurozone collaborates with coaches and consultants across the globe.

As a Neurozone certified advanced coach, I (Sonja Vlaar) am upskilled to work with individuals and teams to help them prevent burnout, facilitate enhanced resilience and set them up for high performance. Attune uses the whole range of analytics and neuroscience products to support clients for high performance.

Neurozone has an experienced team of neuroscientists, analysts, and behavioral specialists who are passionate about continuous scientific discovery. Our values ​​of empathy, excellence, and scientific integrity serve as a guide for every one of our passionate and skilled team members.