October 2021: “Sonja facilitated a workshop for 30 people from the Total Three-dimensional program with the municipalities of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague and the VNG. The participants are working on a chain that enables services based on 3D data. Sonja managed to motivate the participants with positive energy and a full program with all kinds of participatory exercises such as ORSC Landswork, Brainwriting, and the floor mat with the Conversational Intelligence Dashboard. We had a valuable and meaningful workshop that gave us a lot in concrete terms and was also fun!” – Eduard Renger, VNG Program Manager – 

May 2021: "The big question behind my coaching process was: how do I ensure sufficient energy in my work for the next 20 years? Sparring with Sonja about cases in my own work brought me insights that I could sometimes apply the next day. Great to discover that there is still a lot to develop. The assessment gave me valuable insights into how the brain works and how I can better distribute my energy to prevent long-term stress. Sonja has a lot of ready knowledge about processes and models. She has managed to understand me and give me tools for the future: congratulations!”. – Johan Boelema, interim director of primary education -.

April 2021: Sonja joined VirtualCollaboration.Works in 2020, at the beginning of the COVID crisis. She pioneered online facilitation and offered motivational engagements in several webinars in co-creation with colleagues and clients. Sonja is a driven entrepreneurial innovator that converts conceptual thinking into pragmatic solutions. She has a keen eye for humanity and trust in goal setting. In our inner circles, she explored the possibility of new ways of working in the structure of a Dutch cooperative. It was always insightful and fun working with her. Sonja draws from a long experience as a facilitator and consultant and she is very passionate about what she is doing. I'd always work again with her! It was a joy to experiment with VC.W during the shift we all had to make towards virtual working and working at home in spring 202o. – Holger Nauheimer, VirtualCollaboration.Works –

February 2021: Sonja understands what is happening with senior managers with personal questions in their work. I gained insight into how an important core value has a positive but also negative effect. Sonja acts on what is happening in the moment. Ze substantiates this with reference to theory, her experience and practical exercises. It was an eye opener that I can influence my brain in simple ways and that it also makes me feel different. I can still go back to the Neurozone report that gave me new insights and has brought useful tips. - Mabel Bross, Manager Youth Protection Brabant -

January 2021: “The coaching sessions with Sonja are action-oriented. I developed new habits to better understand myself. I left every session having learned something new, whether it was about myself or a new technique to reflect on or to use in reflection. I would recommend Sonja as a coach to anyone who is interested in growing as a leader. Her coaching allowed me to improve my way of showing up every day and in crucial situations, so I could make better choices. I cannot thank her enough for her coaching over the past 6 months - it was always the highlight of my week ”- Maria Selde, M&E Consultant. Guidehouse (from December 2020) and M&E Officer @Search for Common Ground (May-Nov 2020) -

December 2020: “The coaching solidified me as a leader to deal with managerial issues, coping with difficult circumstances, and getting the best from my team. My ability to confidently lead the conversations with my superiors and colleagues increased significantly. I learned to review issues from various angles. I transformed to be calmer in resolving problems and looking for alternative approaches. There has been no session which I left without learning and with fun! Not tiring at all. ” - Prudence Masako, EngenderHealth Tanzania.

August 2020: '' Create your own trust. Not only create it, but also believe it and do it '.' 'A few tears surfaced when I wrote these words down, because - before I started the process with Sonja - I was worried whether I could live up to this. Ultimately, the biggest difference the trajectory has brought me is believing in myself and trusting in myself. In addition, the circle with the 4 steps, the processing process, also helped me a lot. Reading these words is easy, but understanding and applying them is something else. The trajectory has provided balance in my life, I am now also learning to really listen. The interaction with Sonja and the click we had was the best thing about the coaching process. Sonja creates a possibility (platform) to bring people together or to provide individuals with their own reflection mirror. Sonja makes the difference, but most of it comes from yourself. That is why I would wholeheartedly recommend Sonja to everyone, both companies and individuals can be helped by her guidance. ”- Luc van Santfoort, Belgium-.

August 2019: “It's great to see that you keep renewing yourself every time, sharpening your insights, and working on growth with others and their organizations. You are informative, stimulate, make people think, and invite” – Johan van Bavel –

October 2019: ”I got to know Sonja through the Dutch ORSC community. Sonja started the community and did so with such enthusiasm, determination and professionalism that thanks to her there is now a platform where team coaches can spar, learn and exchange ”_ Angela van Dorssen - Professional Coach -

2018: “Sonja's approach is focused on your own practice. She “mirrors” in a bold yet friendly way. I experience it as a natural and “feeling together”. The result is that I have gained better insight and - extra - confidence in my talents. Sonja provides insight into the why of your behavior and the role that suits you well. Chapeau! ” - Bert Knol - Vechtstromen Water Board -

January 2018: ”I approached Sonja to learn from her experience with peer counseling how I can give shape to intervision counseling myself. I came into contact with her because she approached me to participate in a network platform for team coaches who coach based on the philosophy of ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching). Through a tip from her about intervision, I found out that in addition to her many years of experience with team coaching, she also earned her spurs with intervision guidance (and more). Sonja allowed me to gain new insights about the way in which I can give shape to peer supervision. To this end, she shared her experiences with me in an informal way and asked me specific questions in which there was a lot of room for reflection. - Gabrielle Gieling - Professional Coach -

2018: “Sonja has the gift of discovering 'the question behind the question' from a natural empathic ability, even if someone hadn't been able to reach it before. This makes Sonja a challenging and intelligent sparring partner for high professionals from all walks of life” – Professional Coach / Advisor –

2017: “The“ Conversations with Impact ”program really opened my eyes. I have learned a lot about myself and certainly how often I automatically get stuck in my own brain. Many of my own behaviors are automatic. By consciously dealing with this, I have not only increased my own self-confidence, but I have also been given tools on how to gain the trust of my conversation partner in every conversation. It is simply no longer possible to lapse into old mechanisms, and it is no longer necessary. The obtained consciousness has a deep effect, it is a very special experience. I take the new lessons with me every day, and it has helped me enormously in starting my new company ”. - Hugo Leijtens, Director DigitalMKB -

2017: “I learned to see where I lose people in my conversations. In the discussion my analyzes and reasoning are often correct and it is difficult for the other person to get through it. However, that does not always lead to connection. Conversational Intelligence provides new insights with practical, scientifically based tools that help discover what happens in conversations. I was able to immediately use these deeper levels of communication and more connection in the conversations with my customers”. – Harrie van der Werf, Interim manager/organization consultant –

2017: “I learned how to inspire more confidence with my conversations. For me, recognizing the reaction of my own amygdala was especially a revelation. Now I know how such a small organ of my brain can hold my whole personality hostage, preventing me from thinking creatively. I have learned how to recognize an amygdala hijack in myself and others and how to get out of it. Because of that insight my self-awareness has increased and I can regulate emotions of myself and others even better ”. Aura Montealegre-Moure, Theologian / Spiritual guide in giving meaning -

2016: “Empathy, intelligent and down-to-earth: Empathy: Sonja has the gift of discovering“ the question behind the question ”from a natural empathic capacity, even if someone was not able to reach it before. Intelligent: This property makes Sonja a challenging sparring partner for high professionals from all directions. Sobriety: Sobriety is a gift that puts unnecessary ballast into perspective, so that the core remains more powerful, something that is of great value in any form of training and coaching ”- Wilma Roskam - director Power4People & Pluswerk -

2016: “What I appreciate in you: - your dedication, making commitment is not a non-committal process for you, but a well-considered choice where you really give everything to make it a success; - your urge to never assume the status quo but to always actively look forward to and invest in your personal development and professionalization; - your empatic intelligence. For the category of highly sensitive people who struggle with typical issues of misunderstanding, you are the perfect coach because you understand them ”. - Jan Prins, director PriMAN -

March 2016: “I came to Sonja for a coaching trajectory, because I was not doing my job well, I was empty and partly because of the sickness benefit. It gnawed at me how this came about, how I could regain my energy and whether my position still suited me. Sonja helped me understand all three of these questions, and most importantly for me, she took me seriously and gave me the courage to explore a lingering new option. Thanks to Sonja's trajectory, there was more role awareness, including of myself as an entrepreneur. Towards the end of the trajectory I made some very important decisions; soon I will no longer be an employee, but a fully self-employed person.” – Merel Eveleens, independent entrepreneur –

“Sonja can get to the heart of the matter and puts her finger on the sore spot. She does this in a very empathetic and respectful way. She knows very well how to handle sensitive things and has no judgment. What I also noticed is that she has a lot of knowledge and various “tools” that she can use. ” Professional Advisor -

2016: “You listen very carefully, ask specific questions and often mention the things that are explicitly not mentioned. You keep asking questions. In my eyes you are very understanding, you can empathize very well with my feelings and train of thought and you have a natural talent so that I can communicate with you very easily and openly. I also think it is very strong that you approach the process in such a way that my stated points for improvement are really supported by me, that I feel good about it. This certainly has an important positive effect on my individual development after the coaching process. You move me. You have the ability to make people enthusiastic and motivated. This is not always easy, but extremely important to turn it into a success story ”- Rolf Peters - De Dommel Water Board -.

"Your urge to never start from the status quo but always to actively look for and invest in personal development and professionalization, including yourself".

“You are very result and performance oriented. You keep the plotted lines in mind. At the same time, you also give me the necessary space at certain times. I personally find that a very pleasant way of working together.

"Your dedication, commitment is not a process without obligation but a well-considered choice where you really give everything to make it a success".

“You don't follow the facts; there is continuous attention for what is happening now; you are alert ”.

"Sonja's sobriety is a gift that puts superfluous ballast in perspective, leaving the core more powerful, something that is of great value in any form of coaching."