An increasing number of employees have been experiencing stress since COVID. About 45% of all working people have had one or more burnouts in the past. But even if you function well, you can optimize your brain-body systems even further. The maintenance of these living systems is a daily responsibility of everyone individually and of every team.

The workshop “Prevent Brain-Burn-Out” is an introductory workshop for teams on burnout prevention and stress reduction based on the latest neuro insights.

In the workshop we introduce, among other things, the concept High Performance Readiness, that was developed by Neurozone. The High Performance Readiness Index measure how capable your team is right now to perform consistently and at its best. and that in all aspects of life and work.

“Prevent Brain Burnout” is an introductory workshop for a functional team with team members who work remotely or not. In the workshop, the team members gain insight into the functioning of the most important systems of their brain and body for High Performance Readiness.

The workshop is not intended for people who are sick at home and suffer from chronic stress complaints; In those situations, Attune likes to refer to other professionals with whom we like to work.

Attune takes a positive approach to stress. We will discuss the neuro-dynamics between head & heart and the neuro-physiology of connection between head & heart and connection between people. Attune integrates insights from communicative behavioral science, positive psychology, the systems approach to collaboration in organizations, and insights from neuroscience. We do this with clear language. The great thing is that neuroscience has shown a number of states of the brain-body system that we could intuitively sense before and that were also mentioned in some holistic approaches, but were still lacking in scientific value. For example, think of words like “energy”, “connection” and “healing”.

In the workshop you will learn about a new strategy for reducing stress and building resilience, and optimizing your energy and capacities, as an individual and as a team.

Why should you do this workshop with your team?

The workshop offers a new approach to complex issues in teams and organisations. this approach from neuroscience goes further and deeper than the conventional approach from the analyzes of talents and competences.

People who understand their high performance readiness, know which interventions have the optimal effect for the neuro-fitness and resilience of themselves and their team.

Because every individual brain is unique, every person and every team also has different needs for the optimization of high performance readiness. These needs can be measured with the Index. In the workshop “Prevent Brain Burn Out” we also give a demonstration of the possibilities with the Neurozone Team Analysis. With this report it can be determined quickly and specifically how fit and ready the team is as a whole.

For information about team analysis orders and prices, please contact Sonja Vlaar.

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