LVSC is the Dutch Association for Supervision and Coaching, a professional association of and for professional coaches, supervisors and organizational counselors. The members of LVSC contribute to sustainable learning for employees, teams and organizations. LVSC offers affiliated coaches and supervisors a platform for quality, professional registration and knowledge exchange (further training, intervision, Tijdschrift voor Begeleidingskunde and knowledge bank).

Activities of professionals affiliated with LVSC are focused on:

  • interactions in the supervision of professionals and employees and development in / of organizations.
  • facilitating learning / development processes.
  • make people 'stronger', learn to relate to goals and / or their profession to improve performance.

Sonja Vlaar has been registered with LVSC as a supervisor from 2003 and has subsequently renewed this registration every five years (in 2008, 2013 and 2018). View the page of Sonja Vlaar at LVSC here (oops: temporarily not accessible by LVSC).

LVSC coaches and supervisors form a learning community in which they continuously develop, with knowledge meetings in the form of peer review, workshops, training, LVSC lectures and conferences. In addition, LVSC publishes the practical scientific journal, Journal of Counseling Science, with accompanying knowledge base. Download the Sonja Vlaar article published in TvB in 2013 here.

LVSC is a member of ANSE, a European umbrella and partnership of national professional associations for Supervision and Coaching in Europe. ANSE now represents more than 8000 qualified supervisors and coaches from more than 20 countries and 80 training institutions. View the ANSE website here ..