This is some exciting news for you and your colleagues! Save the date, don’t miss out:  9 + 10 September 2020. The European C-IQ Collective is putting together an amazing interactive online gathering ‘Changing Conversations for a Changing World’ where we will be looking into many of the challenges you are currently facing as a manager and leader.
We are a dynamic group of international facilitators, trained in conversational intelligence, ready to delve into relevant topics.
Together we will present 24 exciting live online sessions.
I am one of the workshop-presenters, and as you may expect from me, this will be about different types of intelligences, as mentioned on our homepage.
Why you should join:
Times are uncertain and many of these challenges may be keeping you up at night.  It is hardly surprising that, in these uncertain times, your teams may be struggling to maintain focus and productivity.
We will go beyond the day-to-day issues, where we deal with the present context:

  • the threat of economic collapse is looming
  • demands on leadership are changing
  • injustice, political polarization, and racism are rising
  • unemployment is growing.

We will deep-dive into challenges that many of you have never experienced before.
We invite you to discuss your most pressing issues with other like-minded managers.
Don’t miss it!  Sign up for the pre-launch now and we will keep you informed of our plans.
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We hope you will join us so that together we can explore the needs and requirements of management today. Together we combine forces and find new ways to create opportunities, strengthen, and transform leadership.
Stay Tuned!
Sonja Vlaar