Greetings WBECS neuroscience enthusiasts !!

We, Sonja Vlaar and Lynn Saboe, are back at the World Business and Executive Coaches Summit (WBECS) to continue a popular series of Roundtables on neuroscience concepts. We would love for WBECS 2022 members to join us! 

Save the date! We are holding the Roundtables always at 8:00 AM Eastern Time (ET) ( = 2:00 PM CEST / Amsterdam time) on Mondays as follows:

  • November 14 on the Topic of Receiving Feedback (FULL)
  • December 12 on the topic of Stress 
  • January 23 on the topic of Resilience
  • February 20 on the topic of Social Relationships
  • March 20 on the topic of the Gut-Brain connection
  • April 24 on the topics of Exercise and Sleep

The Roundtables are FREE to all WBECS participants and open to 14 lucky attendees!!

The IM and RT sessions for January, February and March 2023 are released (for subscription) on the last week of November. WBECS Neuroscience enthusiasts, for now save the date in your agenda, and sign up end of November for the Roundtables for Q3 2023 season!