Human nutrition is one of the key subject areas belonging to the core of Wageningen University & Research. The mission of the Division of Human Nutrition and Health is to “Improve health through better nutrition”.

Sonja graduated as engineer Ir. Human Nutrition in 1983. In the last two years of this study she completed the practical part of her study in a World Health Organization project in Africa, Mozambique. Sonja is not professionally active any more  as a nutritionist, but the passion for her first study never faded away.

The added value of this study is the integrated multidisciplinary approach in human  education and research. This approach involves the level of the cell, the individual and the population. Moreover, it covers the full causal chain from determinants of food choice, to intake of foods and nutrients which affects nutritional status and body function, and subsequently health and disease.

This study is on the crossroads of the different levels and disciplines.This is exactly what Sonja loves very much. In Wageningen her passion ws born for the biochemistry of the human body, a passion that she picked up in 2016 with the master study  for coaches “Conversational Intelligence” which is strongly based on the neuro-chemistry and neuro-biology.