Narratives are stories. Stories are central to what makes people human. They provide one of the fastest ways to understand how people see themselves and their world.

Narrative Coaching is an evidence-based methodology developed by Dr. David Drake. It stands out in several ways: it enables people to develop themselves in real time and achieve real results for the future without a dependency on goals. It draws from the broader social sciences, not just psychology but also contemporary fields like design thinking to provide a truly systemic approach to behavior change. It is a highly experiential process that mirror how people change.

Proud to be an enhanced Practitioner

Sonja Vlaar graduated as Enhanced Practitioner Narrative Coaching in 2018. What we believe, to whom we belong, how we behave, and who we become are profoundly shaped by or stories and the larger narratives in which we live. (A narrative is a socially and contextually constructed communication structure.)

As a narrative coach I work systemically with my coachees, not on them, and increase their ability to access their own inner resources.