What are the Diagnostics from Team Coaching International ?

Team Coaching International has developed Team Diagnostic™ Model and TCI methodology. The Team Diagnostic™ Model looks at two dimensions: productivity competencies and positivity competencies.

The assessments regard the team as a dynamic relationship-system, where the needs of the team are explored independently from the needs of any single team-member, shifting attention to the team itself. 

There are four assessments:

  • the Team Diagnostic Assessment
  • Team 360 View
  • Organization View
  • Team Leader View

This practical coaching approach is based on years of experience and the results from thousands of teams worldwide.

Proud to be licensed

Sonja Vlaar /Attune is licensed (since 2011) for the application of the TCI team methodology to unleash the power and human potential of teams. The key is to create actions and learning that enables teams to achieve better results and create a culture that is empowering and sustainable.