Do you remember that I was certified for Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) in 2015? This inaugural C-IQ program for change-agents was inspired and facilitated by its founder Judith E. Glaser. With her innovative approach at the crossroads of positive psychology, change management, and insights from neuroscience, she opened new frontiers of research and practice in organizational change.
With my ORSC peer Olaf Beelen, we started to apply the C-IQ tools that we learned in Dutch organizations. Olaf and I were both so enthusiastic about C-IQ’s innovative approach, that we translated parts of Judith’s work into Dutch and used it for our clients. Olaf and I became partners in 2016 to spread Judith’s work in the Netherlands and Belgium and together we developed several modules for change in organizations. Unfortunately, Judith passed away in 2018 and Olav died in July 2019.  It was a sad year.
I turned towards other dedicated C-IQ certified professionals and we gather virtually regularly since 2017. We operate from Germany, UK, Ireland, Denmark. Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Israel, the United States, and Canada.
We meet bi-weekly in virtual meetings and once a year we gather physically in September. In 2018 we met in a cloister in Bavaria (Germany) and in 2019 we came together on an island near the coast of Stockholm in Sweden. For this year we had planned for a castle in Scotland, but corona changed everything. By April, we knew we could not fly to Scotland. Someone said in one of our virtual meeting calls, “instead of gathering together, why don’t we share what we have learned, teach and practice every day to a bigger audience? Why don’t we run our C-IQ Europe Gathering virtually?” Instead of meeting physically in Scotland, we organized this virtual event on 9 & 10 September.
Do not miss out on this unique event of the European C-IQ Collective “Changing Conversations for a Changing World. Get your not-so-early-anymore-ticket before August 25 and save your spot on our website. You can select workshops from 24 global speakers. The full price ticket price starts on August 25th, so take your chance now and sign up today. I would be happy to meet you in one of our workshops or the lounge.
Stay tuned, Sonja Vlaar