We are celebrating the publication of our newest article in a prestigious journal!

The title of the article is: “Supervision für Coaches – eine weltweite Entwicklung“ (Supervision for coaches—a worldwide development and publication) . It has been published in the renowned scientific journal “Organisationsberatung, Supervision, Coaching (OSC).

Abstract: “The number of coaches worldwide is exploding. Research publications in English suggest that professional coaches are expected to take supervision. From an international perspective, the article provides an overview of views on supervision for coaches from research-based experiences. It highlights the importance of coach and supervisor associations in advancing the practice of coach supervision, including the development of competencies and training in coach supervision and the organization of coach supervisors themselves. It presents a new challenge to professional supervisors”.

This article is in German. Another article we wrote together is in Dutch, titled: “Supervisie voor Coaches. Zicht op de Internationale Ontwikkeling (2023)”.

You can request a download of both articles on www.ResearchGate.com

We, Louis van Kessel and Sonja Vlaar, invested our own time in writing these articles about the global evolution of the field of #coachsupervision. We believe the international development of coaching and coachsupervision is of paramount importance for organizational development and the quality of #coaching.

For me, writing an academic article was a profound exploration of my authorship and a notable achievement in the field of #coachsupervision.

Moreover, co-writing with Louis is inspiring and involves thorough but rewarding work. Also Louis’ proficient knowledge of the specialized scientific German language was instrumental in successfully getting it published through Springer.

Personally, I find it gratifying to contribute to the area of international professional development of coaching and supervision. Our next challenge is to disseminate the message and engage in conversations with stakeholders.