Yes! Got the certificate from The Neuroscience School! This course from Irena O’Brien, Ph.D. gave me a deeper knowledge and a better understanding of #neuroscience . The course covers the latest neuroscience research on how the human brain learns, grows, and changes over time — and how you can take advantage of the brain’s growth potential to get better results for yourself and for clients.
The course had a diversity of participants: psychotherapists, coaches, physiotherapists, nutritionists, managers, engineers, people who couldn’t sleep, people who wanted to learn more about themselves, etc. This diversity infused some interesting conversations.
I like to thank Irena O’Brien, PhD especially for sharing the new concept about emotions, which explains how emotions are our brains’ creations of what our bodily sensations mean. I really loved that part, that gives a radically new view of what it means to be human. Another great concept is the Body Budget from Lisa Feldman Barrett. Thank you so much, Irena. I very much enjoyed this course.