In my capacity as a Churchill Leadership Group Coach I am delighted to have delivered a virtual high impact Diversity and Inclusion program in the Netherlands for a large Fortune 500 organization.
The topic of Diversity and Inclusion is key for Attune. And having been part of the larger global program and working with Churchill Leadership Group makes me feel really proud.
As we are all going through versions of COVID 19, the topic of Diversity & Inclusion is increasingly important for organizations. We are all challenged to a rate of how comfortable we are with diversity, inclusion, and the dramatic changes at the working place.
I love to contribute to these virtual conversations. People, in spite of the many differences as human beings, engage in these dialogues. They share how they can consciously be more inclusive and create a new positive working environment together.
We love to have a conversation with you when we possibly can support you in developing and facilitating your corporate virtual Diversity & Inclusion program.