It was an amazing day in Utrecht meeting with Dr. Charlene Heyns-Nell and her lovely daughter Daniella. They came from South Africa, Cape Town, to visit the Netherlands, bringing us some wonderful sessions with neuro-feedback. #Neurofeedback, also referred to as EEG #biofeedback , is employed to modify the electrical activity of the Central Nervous System. The brainwaves are measured for the brain to learn with electrodes positioned on the head. The method is drugless, painless and with no side-effects! It teaches the brain to use the correct brain waves at the appropriate time. This week they could help some young people in Utrecht and Amsterdam suffering from #ADHD, #epilepsy and #depression. They noticed considerable improvements with 6 sessions !
Charlene loves The Netherlands and she will surely come back to Europe for her business. As an entrepreneur she is looking to find an interested partner, a Dutch service providing company that she could team up with. When Neuro-feedback sounds interesting to you, please connect directly with Charlene at