Richard Boyatzis presented his concept of ‘Resonant Leadership through Emotional Intelligence” last week in the WBECS webinar-series. Today I will host an Implementation Mastery (IM) session about the content of Boyatzis’ presentation: in the IM sessions  peer-executive coaches share – in smaller groups -their insights about the ability to develop this capacity of resonance and how to regain and renew– even in situations of stress – the energy at the neural and behavioral levels.

Emotions are contagious

Based on decades of research the conclusions of emotional intelligence expert Boyatzis are important for all leaders to understand how contagious our emotions are and how two different brain-networks can support or suppress each other in the process of stress reduction. When we connect to the other’s positive vision of themselves or an inspiring dream or goal they’ve long held we use the best part of  the contagious-ness of our brain. Trusting relationships that help, support and encourage each step in the process are important .

We pick up clues from one another

Our brain has an open loop system and we are wired to pick up subtle clues from one another. People who nowadays still claim that this can be explained by the mirror-neuron-network are behind and are living in the nineties. Innovative research shows how the networks of our brain work and how you can stimulate them to even work better. Isn’t it fantastic that we can up-regulate and down-regulate the  processes in our brain-networks? This is good news for leaders, teams and organizations who are searching for better ways how the change they desire for their team, organization and relationships can be sustained.
Richard Boyatzis wrote a new book “helping people change: coaching with compassion for lifelong learning and growth”. I recommend this book.